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May 21, 2014: Coalition applauds House passage of ‘An Act relative to improving student achievement’


April 17, 2014: Coalition applauds charter reimbursement increase in Governor’s FY14 supplemental budget.


Coalition applauds decision to advance education reform bill in House, March 26, 2014,


 Race to the Top Coalition applauds extension of education reform discussion, March 18, 2014.


 Race to the Top Coalition applauds Level 4 “turnaround” success stories.


New Poll Shows Strong Support to Lift Charter Caps in Gateway Cities.


Charter study demonstrates need to immediately address charter cap issues.


Read Governor Patrick's press release on the award of Race to the Top funding.


View video clips of the Race to the Top Coalition launch and press conference.


Read the Race to the Top
Coalition press release


Listen to the radio advertisement run by the Race to the Top Coalition in support of education reform.



Some of the articles below require subscriptions to The Boston Globe online.

July 1, 2014, Boston.com, Poll finds hunger for more charter schools

June 24, 2014, Boston.com, Panel’s vote reaffirms charter school formula

June 23, 2014, The Lowell Sun, letters, Charter school serves all of Lowell's students

June 15, 2014, Boston.com, Boston schools look outside for money

June 14, 2014, Lowell Sun, Charter schools must play by the public-system's rules

June 4, 2014, Education Week, Is Autonomy for All Schools the Next Wave of Reform for Boston?

June 4, 2014, Radio Boston, Should Boston Public Schools Have More Autonomy?

June 3, 2014, WBUR Learning Lab,Report: Boston Schools Need More Autonomy

June 2, 2014, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Strong standards, political air cover, and talent: Exporting the success of Boston’s charter school sector

May 28, 2014, The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Boston’s high-quality charters make no excuses

May 26, 2014, The Fall River Herald News, Fall River charter, public schools working together

May 24, 2014, The Boston Globe, editorial, John McDonough’s first task: Attract excellent principals, headmasters

May 23, 2014, Boston.com, Review finds Boston schools in disarray

May 23, 2014, Bostonglobe.com, opinion, Calling the bluff on charter schools

May 21, 2014, Boston.com, Boston schools chief insists on interim status

May 20, 2014, Boston.com, More time sought to pick Boston superintendent

May 19, 2014, Boston Herald, editorial, Charter Compromise

May 19, 2014, Mass Live.com, Charter school expansion bill expected to advance

May 19, 2014, Telegram.com, opinion, Two school systems can be costly

May 16 2014, Telegram.com, editorial, Stop the politics

May 12, 2014, Lowell Sun, More money earmarked for charter schools

May 9, 2014, WBUR Learning Lab, Six new education ideas from Boston EdTalks

May 8, 2014, Boston.com, Mass. school chief wants Boston superintendent job

May 1, 2014, Boston Herald, editorial, Just raise the cap

April 30, 2014, Telegram.com, editorial, Messing with success

April 29, 2014, Telegram.com, Mass. Charter school formula change proposed

April 28, 2014, Wicked Local, Holliston, Charter schools: No slowing down demand

April 25, 2014, UMass Boston News, Paul Grogan on Crisis in Urban Education: “Moral and Economic Imperative” to Get it Right

April 25, 2014, Commonwealth, Charter formula change draws fire

April 23, 2014, The Boston Globe, opinion, Hold the search: McDonough is best chief for city’s schools

April 21, 2014, The Boston Globe, Hunt for a Boston Public Schools chief accelerates

April 2, 2014, The Boston Globe, opinion, An education model worth exploring

April 1, 2014, USA Today, opinion, Charter school war could go national

March 31, 2014, The Boston Globe, editorial, Patrick, Walsh should join in seeking ed-reform compromise

March 28, 2014, WBUR, When It Comes To Charter Schools, What's The Matter With Massachusetts?

March 28, 2014, The Boston Globe, Letters - Paul Sagan, vice chairman of Akamai Technologies, chairman,Massachusetts Business Leaders for Charter Public Schools, Resistance to charter schools stands in way of progress

March 27, 2014, Telegram.com, editorial, The power of an idea

March 27, 2014, Boston Herald, editorial, House saves the day

March 26, 2014, The Boston Globe, House offers new plan on Mass. charter schools

March 25, 2014, cbslocal.com, Keller@Large: Charter School Debate Becomes Toxic

March 25, 2014, NECN, Mass. charter school bill stalls in Legislature

March 25, 2014, WBUR, What You Need To Know About The Charter Cap

March 25, 2014, EagleTribune.com, Advocates want charter-school cap lifted

March 25, 2014, The Boston Globe, Walsh kicks off ‘Mondays with the Mayor’ sessions

March 24, 2014, Lowell Sun, Editorial, To Sen. Chang-Diaz: Don't kill reform bill

March 24, 2014, The Boston Globe, Mass. schools require quick, dramatic change, report says

March 24, 2014, The Boston Globe, Hundreds of parents band together to oppose charter school expansion

March 24, 2014, Gloucester Times, Impact on traditional schools fuels charter debate

March 23, 2014, Telegram.com, Editorial, Wrong Answer

March 23, 2014, The Boston Globe, Proposal to end charter deadlock on Beacon Hill raises doubts

March 20, 2014, Boston Herald, Editorial, Cynicism on charters

March 20, 2014, The Boston Globe, Opinion, On Beacon Hill, upskirting trumps education

March 19, 2014, Salem Evening News, Editorial, Time to Lift the Cap on Charter Schools

March 18, 2014, WBUR, Mass. Ed Panel Asks For More Time On Charter Bill

March 17, 2014, Metro West Daily News, Editorial, Lift the Cap on Charter Schools

March 17, 2014, The Boston Globe, The Podium - Samuel R. Tyler, Fiscal arguments against lifting the charter cap are over-stated

March 16, 2014, The Eagle-Tribune, Editorial, Cash vs. kids in battle over more charter schools

March 15, 2014, heraldnews.com, Editorial, Lift the charter school cap

March 14, 2014, Telegram.com, editorial, Freedom now

March 14, 2014, The Boston Globe, Opinion, Duncan says Mass. can’t be complacent about education

March 14, 2014, NECN, Supporters push for bill expanding Mass. charter schools

March 14, 2014, Boston Herald, Editorial, Winning the ed lottery

March 14, 2014, Masslive.com, Holyoke, Springfield schools eyeing bill that would lift charter school cap in underperforming districts

March 14, 2014, Cape Cod Today.com, Demand for charter schools zooms, but gubernatorial candidates have varied positions

March 13, 2014, The Boston Globe, Editorial, Education reform has worked for Mass.; it’s time for the next round

March 13, 2014, The Boston Herald, Opinion, City kids take fall in charter school limitation battle

March 13, 2014, The Boston Globe, Opinion, A strong pick to run schools

March 12, 2014, South Coast Today, Guest View: Charters unfairly blamed for school districts' fiscal woes

March 12, 2014, NECN, Broadside: Lift Mass. charter schools cap?

March 12, 2014, Telegram.com, Advocates push for bill to expand Mass. charters

March 12, 2014, WBUR, Advocates Push For Bill To Expand Mass. Charter Schools

March 12, 2014, WBUR, Under Receiver’s Rule, Lawrence Schools Show Early Gains

March 11, 2014, Boston Herald, Advocates push for bill to lift cap on charter schools

March 10, 2014, WBUR, Sen. Chang-Diaz Remains Hopeful Regarding Charter School Bill

March 9, 2014, The Boston Globe, Momentum for new charter schools stalls

March 7, 2014, The Boston Globe, Opinion, Want a longer school day? Pay up

February 26, 2014, The Boston Globe, State board places Dorchester charter school on probation; approves other charter school matters

February 21, 2014, The Boston Globe, Dorchester charter school faces probation

February 19, 2014, Gloucester Times, House panel eyes tweaks to charter school bill

February 17, 2014, Boston Herald, Charter math lesson

February 15, 2014, The Boston Globe, letter from Linda Noonan, For more high-tech jobs, educate students better

February 14, 2014, The Boston Globe, letter from Massachusetts Secretary of Education Matthew Malone, State law provides for Innovation Schools

February 10, 2014, Boston.com, Mass. working on guidelines to keep kids in school

February 6, 2014, The Boston Globe, Walsh to tap search committee for new superintendent

February 5, 2014, The Boston Globe, McDonough warns of job cuts at School Department’s central office

February 4, 2014, The Boston Globe, Parents mobilize to protest possible cuts at schools

February 4, 2014, The Boston Globe, The Podium, Laura Perille, Bravo for Arts Education

February 3, 2014, The Boston Globe, State taps three non-profits to turn around schools

February 3, 2014, The Boston Globe, One teen’s journey from the margins to a college scholarship

January 21, 2014, The Boston Globe, Boston school department contends with shrinking state aid

January 21, 2014, The Boston Globe, Boston Public Schools seeks more diverse teaching force

January 6, 2014, The Dorchester Reporter, Mayor-elect Walsh names health chief and School Committee picks

January 1, 2014, The Boston Globe Opinion, Will Walsh chart a determined course for Boston schools?

December 28, 2013, Boston Herald Editorial, Mayor: Lead the way

December 28, 2013, The Boston Globe Editorial, Trotter shows the path to school renewal

December 12, 2013, Boston Herald Editorial, Menino, misguided

December 2, 2013, The Boston Globe, After years of decline, Trotter School rebounds

November 18, 2013, The Boston Globe, Boston schools improve slowly, but not enough

November 5, 2013, The Boston Globe, Opinion, ‘Getting ready, getting in, and getting through’ college

November 5, 2013, The Boston Globe, Opinion, Don’t patch Boston school system; reinvent it

October 31, 2013, The Boston Globe, State to take over 4 struggling schools, including 2 in Boston

October 30, 2013, Boston Globe, Mayoral candidates offer two paths to overhaul schools

October 25, 2013, masslive.com, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker talks education, closing achievement gap in visit to Springfield’s Veritas Preparatory Charter School

October 24, 2013, Boston Business Journal, The Boston Foundation rolls out another MIT charter school study today

October 15, 2013, masslive.com, Editorial: Massachusetts education bill would narrow achievement gap

October 9, 2013, WGBH News, A Closer Look At Walsh’s Plans For Boston Public Schools

October 3, 2013, Patriot Ledger, Group says state should OK charter school expansion

September 30, 2013, Lowell Sun, Lowell charter school on an MCAS mission

September 24, 2013, Boston.com, Dorchester-based Boston Collegiate Charter School’s tenth-graders ranked number one in math and English on MCAS

September 23, 2013, Boston Globe, New Boston charter schools yield high MCAS scores

September 23, 2013, Sampan, Boston Renaissance shows significant improvement on MCAS

September 19, 2013, Boston Globe, Two Boston schools face takeover after MCAS results

September 19, 2013, Boston Herald Trotter Elementary succeeds, others fail

September 18, 2013, Boston Globe, Test time for teachers union in mayor’s race

September 12, 2013, Boston.com, Charter schools dominate debate among mayoral candidates at teachers union forum

September 10, 2013, Education Next, Boston and the Charter School Cap

September 6, 2013, Boston Globe, Opinion, Governor Deval Patrick, chart a new course

September 5, 2013, Bay State Banner, Students thank Mayor Thomas M. Menino for his work with Success Boston

September 5, 2013, UMass Boston, Mayor Menino, Chancellor Motley Celebrate Success Boston at Kickoff Event

September 4, 2013, Boston Herald Editorial,Same old charter wars

September 4, 2013, Boston.com/The Podium, A fresh approach to improving student outcomes

August 22, 2013, The Boston Globe, BTU poll shows voters favor like-minded mayoral hopefuls

August 6, 2013, Lowell Sun Online, An education in expanding Lowell’s ‘charter’ gains

August 2, 2013, The MetroWest Daily News, Bill seeks to improve low-performing schools; Framingham changes unclear

September 2013, Boston Magazine, A Tale of Two Schools

July 31, 2013, The Bay State Banner, opinion, Lift the cap on charter schools

June 29, 2013, The Herald News, GUEST OPINION: 20 years later, charter public schools closing achievement gap

June 25, 2013, The Boston Globe, Reshaping the debate on Mass. charter schools

June 22, 2013, Lowell Sun, Charter school bill stirring debate

June 20, 2013, The Boston Globe, Most Boston mayoral candidates support lifting cap on charter schools

June 16, 2013, South Coast Today, opinion, Our View: Give schools vital tool

June 12, 2013, South Coast Today, opinion, Guest View: Law would further reduce 'the achievement gap'

June 12, 2013, South Coast Today, Majority of New Bedford students attend sub-par schools

June 10, 2013, The Boston Globe, opinion, Accelerate progress on education

May 25, 2013, Telegram.com, editorial, Charter toppers: Broad success makes case to lift caps

May 19, 2013, Telegram.com, editorial, The need for charters

May 13, 2013, The Boston Globe, editorial, Where district schools falter, state should add more charters

May 10, 2013, The Boston Globe, Will the city’s new mayor be pro-charter?

May 8, 2013, The Boston Globe,Charter school advocates want cap removed in Mass.

May 8, 2013, Boston Herald, editorial, More school reform

May 7, 2013, wgbhnews.org, Menino, at State House, Pushes City-Controlled Charter Schools

May 7, 2013, wickedlocal.com, Activists tell lawmakers to stay on task with education reform

May 6, 2013, 90.9 WBUR,Push To Expand Charter Schools

May 1, 2013, nbcnews.com,Principal fires security guards to hire art teachers — and transforms elementary school

Aprli 8 2013, Commonowealth, Charter numbers game

April 3, 2013, The Boston Globe, A new actor appears on schools stage

March 10, 2013, The Wall Street Journal, New Front in Charter Schools

March 8, 2013, Boston.com, Charter School Results Too Goo to Ignore, Scot Lehigh opinion

January 2, 2013, More Boston schools need flexible turnaround rules, Boston Globe editorial

Oct. 22, 2012, Boston.com, Boston school officials propose converting Marshall Elementary into a charter school

Sep. 22, 2012, Boston Globe, Opinion, Failing South Boston school makes a turnaround

Sep. 19, 2012, Boston Globe, Many schools in state lagging on MCAS

Sep. 17, 2012, Boston Globe, Latest MCAS results reflect gains

July 26, 2012, Boston.com, State receives 22 proposals to open charter schools

June 5, 2012, WBUR-FM, Boston turnaround school makes significant progress

April 24, 2012, Boston Globe, Advocates seeking more charter schools

Nov. 10, 2011, Boston Globe, Reforms pivotal for struggling schools

Sep. 21, 2011,Boston.com, Underperforming schools show MCAS improvement

February 7, 2011, Boston.com, Rise of the charter schools

Aug. 26, 2010, Boston Globe, editorial, For Mass., reform bears fruit


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