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In 2009, the Boston Foundation made a grant of $70,000 to Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) for an initiative that will harness information technologies to preserve the character of neighborhoods during development projects. The Foundation is also a long-time supporter of the Chinese Progressive Association, making more than $760,000 in grants since 1989. Today, the Association is spearheading the “Campaign to Protect Chinatown,” an effort to head off another era of development that could hurt residents—in this case, luxury condominiums. This year, a $30,000 grant went to efforts to reach out to voters through a nonpartisan voter education and registration campaign

It is possible to see the many benefits of thoughtful new development in the vibrant Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. Throughout its 36-year history, this dynamic organization, which initially offered English language programs to Asian residents, has steadily added programs. Today it operates from a handsome “green” building on Ash Street, and offers everything from adult education to child care to activities for teens. The Boston Foundation has provided close to $150,000 to the Center over the years, with a grant of $40,000 for ESOL courses this year through the English for New Bostonians Fund.

The Asian American Civic Association has received $1.5 million in grants from the Foundation since 1990 for its work providing Chinatown’s residents with education, occupational training and other services. This year, a grant of $40,000 went for ESOL courses through the English for New Bostonians Fund and $10,000 went for developing ‘green’ jobs. The Association has been a partner in SkillWorks, a public/private workforce development initiative housed at the Foundation, recently receiving a grant of $250,000 for automotive career education and training program.