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Why Participate

Why participate in Success Boston?
Transitioning to college can be an exciting and overwhelming process for many students. Success Boston works to ensure that Boston Public Schools students have the support they need to get ready, get in and succeed at lead area colleges.

Getting Ready: Preparing You for College Success

The Boston Public Schools ("BPS") is working to ensure that BPS students are academically prepared to succeed in college, by expanding the number AP courses and dual enrollment opportunities available, among other activities. For more details on what the BPS is doing to ensure you are college ready, click here.

Getting In: Easing the Transition and Keeping You on Track

Beginning with the Class of 2009, Success Boston coaches are providing participants with ongoing individual and group support in the following areas:

1. Summer preparation for college including academic support, advising on placement testing, and getting ready to enroll in and transition to college.

2. Ongoing financial aid advising for students and their families through both group workshops and one-on-one assistance with a financial aid counselor.

3. Year-long transition coaching and mentoring to help students navigate their campus, connect with their peers and on-campus services and resources, and solve problems, making the transition to college easier.

Nonprofit partners include uAspire, the Boston Private Industry Council, Bottom Line, Freedom House, Hyde Square Task Force and TERI/ASA.

Getting Through: Helping You Reach the Finish Line

Higher Ed Content:
Boston area colleges and universities are working together to ensure that BPS alumni have the resources and supports they need to successfully complete a degree.

Are you interested in learning more about Success Boston or participating in this initiative?

If you are a student in the BPS or a recent graduate of the BPS and would like learn more about participating in Success Boston, please click here.

If you are the parent of a current student or recent graduate of the Boston Public Schools, and would like to learn more about the initiative, please contact the Boston Public School's Director of College Readiness at (617) 635-9790 or call the BPS Guidance Office at (617) 635-8030.

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