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CHTF Timeline of Critical Events

Winter 2001 – 2002  

First meetings after the defeat of CPA in Boston, led by Jerry Rappaport, Jr., representing the Boston chapter of the Urban Land Institute (ULI).


Spring through Winter 2002

Policy discussions, committees organized and developing action agendas leading to the policy platform for the CHTF


January 2003

Ted Carman approaches the CHTF with major policy proposal that served as the basis of the final report


February 2003

First meetings at The Boston Foundation


March 2003

Plenary CHTF meeting to adopt the platform


April 2003

CURP retained to draft the report


Summer through Fall 2003

CHTF reviews and adopts the report


November 12, 2003

Press Conference to issue the report and hearing before the Joint Housing and Urban Development Committee of the Legislature


Winter 2003 to 2004

Legislation developed in cooperation with the HUD committee


May 11, 2004

Chapter 40R proposal announced at State House Press Conference by Senate President, Senate Ways & Means, and HUD Committee


June 2004

Chapter 40R passed in the FY05 State Budget and signed by Governor Mitt Romney


Summer through Fall 2004

Work with Administration on policy issues, regulations, and outreach to communities



Chapter 40R regulations issued for comments by the Department of Housing and Community Development


March 2005

Final Chapter 40R Regulations released


March to June 2005

Work ongoing on school costs hold harmless legislation (Chapter 40S) and Chapter 548 surplus state land sales extension


June 15, 2005

Hearings before the Joint Housing and Urban Development Committee and the Joint Community Development and Small Business Committee on proposed school cost legislation (Chapter 40S)


September 8, 2005

Release of 2004 Housing Report Card


March - December 2005

CHTF outreach to local communities


November 2005

Chapter 40R enacted


Administrative support for the
Commonwealth Housing Task Force is provided by the 
Boston Foundation.


Please direct inquiries to:
Maura Fogarty
The Boston Foundation
75 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116
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